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Star-crossed, and Fancy Free
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I'm always a little suprised when i log in, and remember my password.

In any event, i'm still alive inspite of the weather's best efforts to the contrary. snowing like mad outside.

I am not the sort of person that is overly concerned with whether or not people like me. You can, or you cannot, and it isn't going to gnaw at my soul (obviously, there are exceptions, but i'm talking about when i typically first meet someone).

So, when one of my coworkers took an extreme dislike to me, it didn't really bother me that much. In fact, it is because he is a coworker that it bothers me even less...since we would only need to tolerate each other enough to do our jobs.

I can understand why he would feel that way...he's has an impressive education, and has been working in the industry for longer then i've been alive. Prim and proper, he is, and proud of it, at that.

at the opposite end of the spectrum, i'm some flippant punk. likely, he didn't think i was worth much.

A couple weeks ago, the entire developement team was in a meeting, trying to decide whether or not we needed to cut a feature from our site to meet our deadline. The decision, for completely obscure reasons, came down to me. could I do it?

I took a couple minutes of silence to think about it, and my dear coworker couldn't quite reconcile. He actually started to lose his temper a bit. Raising his voice, wagging his finger, and demanding an answer. A showy display, for sure, but i'm was underwhelmed. He claimed he was trying to put me on the "hot seat," while i was drinking my coffee. Try as he might, he couldn't intimidate me.

I said i could do it. I knew i could, even though he didn't. and fortunately, i delivered.

And now...now...he laughs at my shenanigans(benchpressing, and the shirt war), and makes weight jokes about me. We're not exactly BFF, but atleast now he's losened up, and realized that i can do my job.

People change, and sometimes, if you're lucky, you get new chances to make first impressions.

Why am i talking about this now? because that's pretty much how the last couple weeks of work have been. I have other amusing stories from the last month or so...hopefully i'll get around to telling a few more. but for now...i'm just sitting here...sad, becaues i have little more than a month to sell my ninja...i don' wanna let it go! but...my Triumph will be here in march...
28th-Nov-2006 09:09 am - I'm still Aliiive!
Hey, been a while since i posted. I wish i could say i've been doing something compellling, but i haven't. just work, Work, WORK.

which is kind of funny. Seattle got some snow last night (in seattle, snow = chaos), and here i am in a cafe, trying to find a bus route to flippin' BELLEVUE to get to work.

I worked more then enough overtime to compensate for a day(you know, maybe go get some snow tires on my car or something). I worked weekends, I worked late into the night...

Considering that a large part of the resentment i have about my last job is the RIDICULOUS amount of overtime i put in, you'd think i might cut myself some slack...

on second thought, screw this. I'm not going to work today.

In other news, i got a hair cut on wednesday, and it is probably the worst i've ever had...it was styled into a faux-hawk, for crying out loud. Or at least as much of a faux-hawk that a person with extremely curly hair can have. Long story short, my heart is filled with SCORN for the girl who cut my hair.

But after some discussion with her, I discovered that she had cut hair before a couple years ago at a different barber shop. In addition to cutting my hair, she had also cut her finger so bad, she ended up going to the hospital. Small world, i guess.

And finally, i've decided that the best way to do things is on a whim, with little thought given to the potential consequences. With that in mind, i woke up one morning and decided that i needed to own one of these. That's a Triumph Daytona 675. I threw some money down to reserve one. It'll be here in march. YAY!
6th-Oct-2006 06:08 pm - oh, and one more thing
I cannot begin to describe how much i hate platitudes. They simplify highly complex situations to the point of being insulting. not to mention the fact that many of them are highly problematic once scrutinized.
absolutely not!

After hearing how great they are for the better part of a year, i finally picked up the band of horses cd Everything All The Time. It's pretty rad. I think Part One is my favorite song off there so far.

I also grabbed the new decemberists cd that came out the other day. Ain't bad. I never heapped praise upon them like most people seem to, but this cd might change that.

I'm actually a contractor at work. I was supposed to be on contract for three months before the decision to hire me was made. Well...they cut my contract in half...and decided to hire me. Which is great, but not without caveat.

Only two people were offered jobs...of the 5 or so people on contract. Apparently, there's some discussion about scailing back the team(we blew through too much money too fast), anyway. So while the idea of potentially being laid off in the near future is hilarious, it doesn't actually scare me, basically because it hasn't happened yet. Job insecurity just kinda comes with the territory in the IT industry. I wish it didn't...but it does.

That's pretty much all i got right now...hopefully i'll be able to organize my thoughts a little better, and post something with more substance.
It's been a long time since i bought any clothes. I picked up a brown jacket, and i already feel like a new man. It's fall, 'round these parts. and although i won't be able to ride my bike as much as i want, atleast the clothes are better. Summer lines never seemed to suit me all that well.

My new job is going great. My boss is awesome. My coworkers are awesome...even if they choose to have conversations that i'd rather not be a part of...trust me, you don't want me to go into specifics.

My only real complaint about the job i have is the commute. I took me an hour and a half to get there last monday. But since they're nice enough to let me come in at 7 and leave at 4, that's been almost entirely obviated.

They let me listen to music to...and because of a series of unfortunate incidents, i only had Camera Obscura, and Belle & Sebastian to listen to today. I sort of feel like prancing about.

anyway, two more months, and they'll decided if they feel like highering me full time. Hopefully, they will.

I've been feeling sort of artistic lately. I've been kicking around a short story idea for quite some time, but i can't quite figure out what i want the underlying theme to be. It's sort of a backwards way of writing a story...usually, you figure out what you're trying to tell the reader first, then start constructing your scenerios. It's a little tough for me to say whether or not i'll ever have a "finished product."

I've been feeling sort of tired lately. I guess it's because I've got kind of a lot in the air. A lot of loose ends opened up during the year, and i don't think i've managed to tie any of them up. I hate being in these kinds of situations, but hey...atleast i can keep trying.

Oh, and i'd just like to note that every time i walk into urban outfitters, i'm immediately filled with an overwhelming sense of regret.
11th-Sep-2006 08:47 pm - It's been a long time
Sorry i haven't posted in a little while, i've been busy...working.

Yes, that's right, i have a job. Basically it's more web developement. But it's about half the responsibility, the same amount of freedom, and twice the pay of my last job.

I can sort of laugh now...the relief. I'm pretty sure i would've have lasted one more month if i didn't land this job. there isn't much to say yet...so i'll talk more about it later when i can think of something interesting.

Remember when i went to southern california for that motorcycle race in july? I probably left one little detail out when i told that story...one of my father's coworkers (Keith) came with us, and on the day of the race his father was rushed to the hospital with a heart problem. So, after the race, we loaded our bikes on the trailer, and left for Seattle. A whole day before we were scheduled to leave.

Well, his father died on the 1st. A "funeral" was held for him last friday. Keith, in spite of the fact that neither he nor any of his family are Jehovah's Witnesses, wanted my dad to give the funeral talk. My dad was noticably apprehensive about it, so they settled for just having him deliver the eulogy.

My dad wanted me to go, but it was in Port Orchard and at 2pm. Presumably, I would be doing that new "job" thing i've got going for me, so i declined. But thursday, my computer caught fire (there was a power spike, and it blew my power supply). So since i wouldn't have a machine for the day, they let me go.

It's been a while since i've been to a funeral. No open casket or anything...but it's easy to console other Witnesses. You'll see your dead loved ones again. But what do you say to a worldly person? I can't make any promises about the future...so i focused on the past and present.

anyway, i leave you today with a semi-amusing story...I've been told that i leave lasting impressions on people. Apparently, I leave lasting impressions on everyone. I went to a bar (Matador) for the first time in months...and the waitress said she didn't need to see my ID because she remembered me from the last time i was there.

Now, i don't remember what happened, and i've been desparately trying to think of what she could possibly be remembering...but now i've got a feeling like i need to go apoligize for something.

anyway, i totally don't have a crippling drinking problem.
14th-Aug-2006 10:39 am - the siren song of DragonForce
If you've ever played a video game, and fought the final boss, you'll know what you're in for when you listen to DragonForce. Not only is the music similar to something you would hear in a video game, but just read some of those lyrics. They're metal. But a novelty kind of metal...like an oversized bow-tie is a "novelty". Their cd is called "inhuman rampage" with their hit single "Through the fire and flames."

I kind of like them in a guilty pleasure sense. I imagine myself advancing and vanquishing armies of...i don't know...orcs or something when i listen to them.

Well, anyway, they're going to be in Seattle next month, and i swear the audience will be composed of nothing but Witnesses. I've been asked "Dude! are you going to the DragonForce show?" by like...15 people. I kind of want to go, if only to tell the band that "fire" and "flames" are synonyms.

moving on to a band I actually like...Guillemots. I'm not really sure how to describe them...they've got songs that are sort of Postal Service-esque, to stuff that's faster paced and makes good use of drums and trumpets.
9th-Aug-2006 04:32 pm - The promised picture
Alright, so it doesn't look like a "beard", so much as it looks like a "skin disorder," but here's a picture of what I look like after not shaving for a week.

I hope you love it, odds are it'll be my LJ icon in a little bit.

Here's another, more glamourous, picture of myself drinking coffee at a cafe.

and, just because, here's a picture of my shackled bike.

ok, one more, since it's awesome, here's a picture of our posse. Oh yeah, and that guy in the middle with the bright red shirt and hat is Sete Gibernau. He didn't stick around long, but meeting with one of the MotoGP racers, even a brat like Gibernau, was a real treat.
8th-Aug-2006 03:40 pm - Enojado, Joven, y Pobres
Two days after the fact, i've kind of sort of come to terms with the fact that i've been beaten by a girl at three distinct video games(street fighter II, tetris, and Dr. Mario). I'm told that such things have no bearing on my worth as a human being, but that doesn't make me feel any less empty inside...like a hollow shell of my former self. I spent most of last night staring up at the night sky to find succor, or perhaps meaning...but that didn't really work.

But just you wait! I shall have my revenge! And it will be sweet! Like a delicate souffle!

I found a letter in my mailbox this morning from the country telling me that they'd really rather not hire me. which kind of...you know...sucks. On the plus side, i did receive an awkward call from another county job i applied for. He asked if i would be available on tuesday. I said after noon, and then he said he'd get back to me and hung up. I'm not really sure what to make of that one. I guess i may or may not have another interview on tuesday. Only time will tell!
4th-Aug-2006 01:47 pm - Stark Confusion
A couple days ago, I watched a documentary on Ayatollah Khomeini. I watched it because it was an interesting look at the conflict between the Shah and the Ayatollah during the 1980's, and the Islamic Iranian revolution...it also had an absolutely metal soundtrack. You know...because Ayatollah Khomeini is metal.

The guys at the county said they'd get back to me "by the end of the week." I'm not sure if they meant a week of years or what...but it's starting to feel that way. Oh well, not much i can do but wait around. I sent them a thank you letter, though.

On the plus side, I called Filter Talent, which is a recruiting agency that typically places "creative" type people...people who do things like graphic design. But I'm a programmer, so i was expecting them to interview me, then toss my resume into a dark abyss. Turns out that's not the case...I've got this lady working for me whose bound and determined to find me a job. So if you ever find yourself sans-job, i wholehearted recommended them.
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